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Ilya Sergey

Lecturer at University College London, Ph.D.


Department of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom
Room 5.02, Malet Place Engineering Building
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7679 0319
Office hours: Wednesday, 14:00-16:00

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Short bio

I am a lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Programming Principles, Logic and Verification group at University College London.

My research interests dwell in the area of the programming languages design and implementation. I am mostly interested in the design of scalable, robust, and intellectually manageable methodologies for program verification and analysis.

From December 2012 to October 2015, I was a postdoc at IMDEA Software Institute. From November 2008 to November 2012, I was a research assistant in the Department of Computer Sciences of KU Leuven, where I obtained my PhD. During my doctoral studies I was a visiting PhD fellow in the Department of Computer Science of Aarhus University and a research intern in the PPT group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. I got my MSc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2008 from Dept. of Mathematics and Mechanics of Saint Petersburg State University. Before joining academia I worked as a software developer at JetBrains.

Curriculum Vitae: [PDF | HTML]

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Selected talks

Invited and informal talks, workshop presentations, lectures and seminars. Conference talks are in the proceedings section.


I am a creator and a maintainer of the La Clojure plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. The plugin sources are publicly available on GitHub.

Check my GitHub profile for other my projects.


I'm on Twitter as @ilyasergey. I publish random thoughts about CS and academia in my Technical Blog (more posts to come soon). I also post (quite rarely nowadays) short non-technincal articles in my LiveJournal (in Russian). Some pictures from my travels and other events can be found on Instagram and Picasa.

I am married to CG artist Lilia Anisimova.

Here is my old picture (from 2011, courtesy of Eugenia Iozefavichus), and its version by Jorge Cham, for I have contributed to the PHD Movie 2 on Kickstarter.

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